Local Community Involvement

Ohio has been an unregulated, open, and competitive marketplace for all electricity customers to purchase power for the past 18 years. Ohio is part of a cost-competitive 13-state PJM system designed to minimize electricity costs while maximizing reliability of supply. Ohioans have benefited from such an open integrated system with reduced electricity prices.

Ohio’s regulated monopoly power utilities that object to such a cost-saving marketplace will often times refer to IPP companies, such as Clean Energy Future (CEF), as “out-of-state.” The implication is that such non-Ohio based companies are inferior, disinterested, and therefore do not have the local communities’ best interests in mind. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Misinformation from Ohio’s utilities when making such statements simply ignores the facts and truth. IPP companies are, in fact, intimately involved in local Ohio communities. We understand that it is a privilege, not a right, to work with our local Ohio partners, as evidenced by the list of organizations and causes CEF supports, such as:

  • Tax payments to Oregon, Ohio schools
  • Tax payments to Lordstown, Ohio schools
  • Raze outdated Lordstown Middle School
  • Fund new Lordstown soccer field and synthetic running track
  • New uniforms for all sport teams at Lordstown H.S., click here to learn more


  • Contribution to high school scholarship fund
  • 4-H Club of Trumbull County
  • Women’s Auxiliary-Lordstown
  • Lions Club
  • Local United Way
  • Boy Scouts of Trumbull/Mahoning Counties
  • Rescue Mission of Mahoning County
  • Inspiring Minds Youth Program (Warren)
  • Full Electrical Engineering Scholarship at University of Toledo to M. Bruck


“In the past, all of the additional money we received from open enrollment went toward balancing our budget. Money earned from the electric plant is allowing us to use some of the open enrollment money for other uses, such as this project. The economic development at the Lordstown Energy Center is also adding up to savings for tax payers, along with added educational programs to help students succeed…so we’re really excited about all of this.”

– Superintendent Terry Armstrong, Lordstown High School