Non-Utility Investments Adding 11,386 MW of New Gas-Fired Power

Jobs & Economic Impact

  • Private natural gas-fired power investments in Ohio:
    • $ 5 Billion ongoing
    • $ 7 Billion incoming
  • This new non-utility, private, power gas-fired electricity generation of 11,386 MW will more than equally offset all closure of coal-fired utility plants in Ohio (10,003 MW).
  • Ohio’s power utilities, such as AEP, FirstEnergy, and DP&L have not participated in the recent buildout of modern gas-fired plants.
  • PJM data shows that Ohio’s utilities have attempted to develop gas-fired projects but have not succeeded.



Ohio’s History of Customer Choice

  • Since 1999, Ohio elected to become part of a 13-state, 61 million population, open-competitive marketplace for the production / sale of electricity (PJM Market).
  • In 1999 AEP/FirstEnergy/DP&L joined deregulation via PJM and were compensated billions to subsidize their vintage power plants that were known to be marginal performers.
  • Opening up power generation to free market competition has consistently reduced the generation cost of electricity to all Ohioans.
  • To date, the private sector, or Independent Power Producers has invested billions in modern, clean, low-cost natural gas projects. Click here to learn more
  • Having a free and open marketplace encourages customers to use “customer choice” to select the lowest cost provider of electricity.
  • Recent polls show that Ohioans desire “customer choice” by a 7:1 margin. See recent poll
  • A recent Ohio State University / Cleveland State study showed that Ohioans will save $3,000,000,000 per year when exercising “customer choice” in a marketplace free of utility monopolies. View the study
  • Despite this data, Ohio electricity utilities continue to push for billions more in bailouts and elimination of “customer choice.” In short, re-reg is anti-competitive, anti-consumer, and anti-Ohio. Read more here


Local Benefits of Natural Gas Electricity

  • Construction of a single large-scale privately funded gas-fired electricity bring the following local benefits to Ohioans:
    • Construction jobs for 2.5 years (500-750)
    • Purchase of local goods / services for construction
    • Construction salary tax to local community
    • Property tax payments
    • Purchase of local water
    • Purchase of local wastewater service
    • New full-time jobs (20-25)
    • Local salary tax on new full-time jobs
    • Local income tax based on plant’s income
    • State income tax based on plant’s income
    • Purchase of local gas transport services
    • Purchase of low-cost natural gas available in Ohio
  • Cumulative Ohio Economic Benefit (per plant)
    • For a single 800 MW plant: $ 13.8 Billion
    • For the twelve new projects running, under construction, and in development: $ 156 Billion