Ohio Partners

Development, construction, and operation of large-scale, modern, gas-fired electricity facilities requires a broad spectrum of talent and resources to complete the job in a timely and cost effective way. Much of CEF’s most recent electricity generation development has focused on the Ohio marketplace where vintage, coal-fired plants have retired since they are no longer economically competitive. CEF is proud to say that much of our development efforts have been made possible by many entities that call Ohio home. The following is a listing of such Ohio entities and their respective roles:


JobsOhio has been most valuable in providing guidance on navigating Ohio’s permitting process and workforce development resources. They also provide a valuable communication link to Governor Kasich’s energy group.
Regional Chamber
The Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber has been a terrific partner and resource in providing recommendations for local entities that deliver services needed throughout the development process in the Mahoning/Trumbull “Valley.”
Bricker & Eckler
Bricker & Eckler, an Ohio law firm, provides CEF a broad spectrum of legal services, such as assistance with state permits, real estate, taxation, financing support, and regulatory consulting.
Tetra Tech
Tetra Tech (Canfield) has supported the preparation of the major permit applications needed for construction with state and federal agencies.
Mannik Smith Group
Mannik Smith Group is an Ohio team of professional that have been instrumental in providing services to CEF such as surveying, environmental mapping and analysis, easement identification, and environmental permitting.
Arcadis is a well-known local engineering firm. Arcadis has helped with engineering and design services to support the implementation of a multi-million dollar addition to the City of Oregon’s water system, which will serve the local Oregon Clean Energy Center gas-fired plant. Learn more.


Village of Lordstown
The City of Warren, Niles, and the Village of Lordstown have become active partners in the Lordstown Energy Center (LEC) project. Warren and Niles both sell potable water to LEC, while the City of Warren provides water treatment services to LEC, as well. Learn more about this partnership.


Kokosing Construction
Kokosing Construction, an Ohio based company, has been retained as the local general contractor to implement the on-the-ground construction effort at the Lordstown Energy Center (LEC). LEC will require 1,600,000 man-hours of construction. Learn more about this partnership.


CDM-Smith is an international environmental firm. The Columbus office has provided its expertise in the areas of water resources, water infrastructure, and wastewater systems.


TTL, Inc. (Toledo): Before a contractor can install 900+ piles on a construction site it is necessary to explore the area’s subsurface conditions. Through its Ohio geological experience, TTL has done just that: drill/test/define all needed subsurface conditions in both Northwest and Northeast Ohio.


T.E. Schubert, Esq. (Warren) and his staff play an important role in management of local land use matters, real estate transactions, title insurance, and closing services.


Todd William (Toledo) has been instrumental when it comes to local real estate matters, zoning, and financial closing services in Lucas County.